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 our not-so-humble camp.

photo by Marc Merlin

    (Our official name is simply

      "Elliot's Bicycle Service",

       in case you want to know that.)

  Elliot, ready for bicycle repair.

       The public section of the camp in 2015.  Main shop under

   the gray section, D.I.Y. under the white section. Lobby in the

   tan tent to the left (note oriental rug in front of it), piano

   under the blue.  Mary's Foot Salon in the tan tent to the right.

        Now some details about our camp:


      If we play recorded music, we keep it down to where it does not interfere
   with normal conversation. “Techno” and “rap” are absent. We do not judge
   anybody's taste in "audio art", but the rest of Black Rock City is bouncing
   three feet off the ground with that stuff, and our camp is not.

      The Bicycle Shop and adjacent attractions is a smoke free area.

       Dress Code...

       ...we do not have one.  Every year, more of us routinely go nude, and

   we encourage campers and visitors alike to enjoy the warm breezes on

   their skin. That is, on all  their skin.

       Just remember, “Nude Is Not Lewd”. We are not an “adult” camp.

   And we strive to make our camp a safe and comfortable place for all who

   wish to wear their birthday suits.

       As for clothing, clever outfits (costumes) are strongly encouraged

   over everyday garments.

       Imbibers and teetotalers alike are welcome. Of course, we will not
   serve alcohol, or allow alcohol to be available, to anyone under 21, or
   who is otherwise prohibited from drinking alcohol in Nevada.

       This camp is not involved with bicycles for income, or in any
   other commercial way. Bicycles are strictly a hobby to us. There is no
   "Elliot's Bicycle Service" anywhere outside of the Burning Man event.
   We regret we cannot help you with your bicycle the rest of the year.

       Also, our Camp Resident Lawyer wants to point out that no warranty is given or intended for any

   repair, service, advice or suggestion. "Read the back of your ticket".

   And always remember "Safety Third!"

       Now please enjoy our other pages!


      Our Kelly (left) made a success of the Body Painting

   department again -- here with "canvas" Katy.  Note that

   painted flames match colors of tutu -- of course! 

 Home Page

      Our 2017 camp!  This was our third year in the 4:30 Plaza,

    so we must be doing something right. 

    Many thanks to Duncan Rawlinson for the photo.

          But what is  Burning Man?

           Think 1953… and imagine if Walt Disney had bought those 160 acres,

   torn out the dead trees – and then given up.  There would be a
   huge flat area of nothing there in Anaheim.

      But then imagine... Disneyland being created anyway, by thousands
   and thousands of visitors – each bringing a tiny piece of amusement

   park from home and installing it himself.

      That’s what we do at Burning Man. For one week every year.

      70,000 people invent, build, bring, assemble, and operate the entire
   “Black Rock Amusement Park”, and take turns on each others’ space
   mountains and jungle cruises.  This is called Interactivity.

       We serve the food and pick up the trash. When we see something that

   needs doing, we do it. This form of government is called a do-ocracy.

       And this fellow Elliot saw a lot of bicycles that needed fixing, so that’s
   what we do in this camp. No E-ticket needed.

       Or you can think of Burning Man…
      ...not so much as Burning Man, the dance party; but as Black Rock City,
   the idealistic community. Everyone participates and contributes to the
   best of their ability. “Tourists”, “frat boys”, “bucket-listers”, voyeurs,
   gawkers, and other spectators find themselves ignored and alienated.
   “You” have been warned, in all kindness.

       Leave No Trace
    Perhaps the most important tenet of the Burning Man ethos is to

    Leave No Trace.  Absolutely none.  Not even watermelon seeds. 

       After the event, a large crew combs the Playa for debris.  They

    mark everything on a huge map – green for nothing, yellow for minor,

    red for major, black for disaster.  Our camp has always been solid

    green, and we intend to keep it that way.  New camp-members should

    be prepared for acculturation.  Not kidding.  LNT.  Thank you!

       Burning Man is absolutely not for everyone.
       That said, we were all first-timers once, and everything takes learning,
    and we all help each other.  If this is new to you, please find an old

    hand to apprentice with. 

    You will not need to search long.


  Elliot's personal Playa bicycle in 2007,  Miss Gina up.

    This year's Event.

  "Sorry, Ma'am, your wheel is not


  (We installed a good used wheel.)

      Aaron repairs bike and explains

   procedure for knowledge-hungry Burner.

  "No problem, Sir, it will be

   ready in ten minutes."


      Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service, Healing Arts, 

        Body Painting & Piano Bar (etc, etc)...
 a "theme camp" at the annual Burning Man art festival.  Our bicycle

     services go back to 2006.  And we keep adding new services and features.

         What's with the "Naked", you ask?

         More and more of us enjoy going nude in camp.  It is simply so marvelously

     comfortable in the BRC climate.  Please give it a try.  We have extra sunscreen

     lotion, and eager helpers to apply it.

          What's with the "Healing Arts", you ask?

          Some of us are bicycle technicians, and some are not.  We put to use any

      skill a camp-member wants to share.  Massage, Reiki, foot washing, and more.

      We call it taking care of the owners, while the techs take care of their bikes.

      Of course, anyone is welcome -- no broken bike required.

         What's with the "Body Painting", you ask?

      Gallons of paint, is what!  Non-toxic paints will wash off later, but not peel off too

      soon.  We paint you, you paint us, you paint your friends... any combination -- a

      small adornment, or entire body.  And especially on Friday, for the Critical Tits Ride.

          What's with the "Piano", you ask?
     Yes, we have at least one piano.   Scheduled for 2018 is a 1923 Baldwin

     model K -- a full size Grand which sounds fantastic.  Please come and play it!

         We have members from two continent.  And we range from 19 to 81 in ages,

     with a near perfect balance of girls and boys, couples and singles.

          The Camp Coordinator is Elliot Naess of Clearlake, CA.

         We are dedicated to the ethos of Burning Man and the Ten Principles.
    This includes Radical Self-Reliance, so please find the Ten Principles on
    your own – there is no link to them here. Ha, ha.

         Same with the Survival Guide, which must be read and understood.
    Yes, there will be a test, but you won’t know it unless we

     tell your next of kin that you flunked.

       Burning Man is not for everyone.

    Donations welcome!

       It costs a small fortune to bring this camp

    to the Playa, and for all the supplies we go

    thru.  Last year, we repaired 677 bicycles,

    most of which required new parts.  Alas,

    we must ask for help to pay for all this.

       All donors receive a token of appreciation.

       The token of appreciation for donations

    of $150 and up is the loan of a bicycle

    for the Event!

         And donations of $250 and up are

     rewarded with the loan of a trike!

        So please use the "Donation" button

     below.  Hundreds of Burners will thank you!

      Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar

         "Awesome?  Yes, we do awesome.  Please bring

     your bike right in."   Jill on duty as Service Writer.   BRC 2015