Arne -- an actual professional bicycle

   technician!  No wonder we have a reputation

   for repairs that stay repaired.

      2016 camp in pre-dawn hours.

      photo by Ed

           Bicycle Repair -- Full Service

          Our main gig is bicycle repair.  Daily from Noon to 6 p.m.,

     we fix broken bicycles, of which there is an endless supply

     in B.R.C.

         We bring a correspondingly goodly supply of parts, with

     inner-tubes at the top of the list.  We're talking hundreds

     of new tubes here, and most of those are the thick "thorn

     resistant" kind, which hold pressure longer and resist

     puncture better than cheap tubes.

         We also go thru a lot of pedals, and we always buy metal

     ones, not plastic.

          The quality of our parts is very much worth the extra silver.

         On Playa, where every minute is precious, no avoidable

      breakdown is acceptable.

          On that note... we urge you to put us out of business by

      bringing only bikes in good mechanical condition.  Don't

      worry -- we will find something else fun to do!

  Bicycle Services Page

   Bicycle Services --


   -- We Repair

   -- You repair


        Edward repairs bike on Tuesday.

    Q; How do we know this was Tuesday? 

    A; Tutu Tuesday!

     Hoot and his web-footed customer collaborate.

     A certain camp lead in search of

     tire-mounting perfection.

       Do-It-Yourself Bicycle Repair
      Both during and outside of shop hours, Burners can get their bikes fixed...

   by doing it themselves. We have a work station with a pretty complete set

   of tools available 24/8. This was new in 2014, and the experience was

   entirely positive. Not only did bikes get fixed, but the activity generated a

   non-stop cooperative community.

     Did we lose any tools? Not a one. In fact, we gained several, donated by

   customers to the common cause. There is hope.

      We provide a small number of inner-tubes and pedals on the D-I-Y table.

   But please bring your own parts if at all possible.  In fact, we encourage

   all Burners to include spare inner-tubes for their bikes when they pack

   for Burning Man.

     Guidance and advice may be available. But please avoid interrupting

   mechanics who are in the middle of other work.

      Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar