We are not actively seeking more members, but....

           Any new folks would join on a case-by-case basis, with “personal chemistry” the
       all-important factor.

          Bicycle repair at Elliot's... is part theater, part wine tasting, part social gathering,
      part classroom... and we repair bikes too.
          And we have Greeters and Servers and Whatnot to direct and assist, pour

      beverages, and otherwise interact with 70,000 of our closest friends.

           The last couple years we have added foot-washing, massage, body-painting, Reiki, 

      and other features, and we are definitely open to additional fun services and art-forms.

           To maintain our good balance of girls and boys, we are especially interested in new
       ideas that ladies might bring.

           And hey, Kinetic Sculpture Racers -- and others who build human-powered vehicles,
       from bizarre bicycles to kolossal kontraptions -- you might fit in quite nicely with us.

           We call ourselves Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service... for a reason.  So if you are

       comfortable going nude, so much the better.  Mind you, this is absolutely voluntary.
       And please understand that nudity in our camp is strictly G-rated.   We are NOT an

       "adult" camp at all.  We observe family Naturism standards, and children are

       entirely welcome to camp with us.

           All camp members must bring everything they need for their stay in Black Rock City.
       That means they must be fully prepared to camp alone, if nobody else show up.
       That includes your own ticket and vehicle pass.

            If you still think Burning Man might be for you, there is a ton to learn on the ePlaya
       bulletin board:

           That is... after you read The Survival Guide  and all the other first-timer information

       on the Burning Man website:

     Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar

Elliot's Bicycle Service

c/o Elliot Naess

P.O. Box 2825

Clearlake CA 95422



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