Thank you, thank you, thank you.     -Elliot


    Now, before we go... a word from our Legal Department:

        Couple years ago, we discussed our fundraising with the Winnemucca

    office of the Bureau of Land Management – our “landlords” in the Black Rock

    Desert. They contacted us, and asked whether we conduct commercial

    business at, or related to, the Event.
        We do not.
        Their concern was that the wording on our website was less than precise on

    this point. After small adjustments to the language, we were cleared to proceed.
       This year’s fundraising also follows the guidance we received from the BLM.

    And we are grateful to the BLM for their friendly and enthusiastic assistance!

  Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar             Fundraising page

   Here is a small sampling of Perk Bikes.

      We do our best to have them in tip top

   condition, and we receive lots of positive

   feedback on this.

      If a problem still arises, we repair or

    exchange the bike right away.

                 Loaner Bicycles!
          Everybody’s favorite Perk! 

     We go thru thousands of dollars each Burn for inner-tubes,

    pedals, other bicycle parts; for tools, for ever larger shade structures,

    beverages to quench a couple thousand parched throats,

    transportation, the generator… for all the Stuff that makes us what

    we are so proud to be. 

        (Well, besides being our wonderful selves, of course.)

         At first, we employed a crowdfunding company.

     We followed the usual recipe, with small Perks for small

     donations, and bigger Perks up the scale.  But crowdfunding

     businesses charge a commission.

we accomplish the same while hanging onto every dollar

     of your gracious contributions, by accepting donations directly.
         All donations are equally welcome! 

         And all Donors receive schwag. 

         Loaner Bicycles have been our Top Perk all along.

         Last year, we used $195 as the donation threshold for the Perk Bikes.
     And we ran out of bikes to offer!  But we'll try to hold it to $195 again.

                Thank you for your support!


                      How to help save the day for hundreds of Burners.


   And now… the rest of the story.

        The first Loaner went to a lady who walked up on the first day of the

    Event and asked to borrow a bike for a couple hours, to find her friends’

         I told her she was welcome to use it all week, and she said thanks.
    After a couple days I forgot all about it.
        This was 2006, my first year, and at the end of the week I received a

    Major Lesson in Burning Man culture:  To my immense surprise, the

    lady brought the Loaner back, good as new.  I immediately proposed

    marriage, but….

        I had learned a lot all week, but that may have been the moment

    when I truly "got" Burning Man.

       The only year we lost a number of Loaners was 2012, when we lent

    bikes on the spot to all comers, and many of them were tourists and

    frat-boys drawn by the publicity of the fabulous 2011 event. 
       Usually, we receive them ALL back!

        Thank you!


            You can use PayPal, and send to…

            Please send as “…to friends and relatives”, since

     this is not a purchase like most PayPal transactions,

     and this spares us paying fees.. 

      Or save time by clicking the Donate button!


     Or you can snail-mail a cheque or money order to…

       Elliot Naess

       P.O. Box 2825

       Clearlake CA 95422

      (Why the P.O. Box?  No, I’m not trying to conceal where I live.  We simply

      don’t have mail delivery to the goat trail I live at the end of!  LOL  )