Thank you, thank you, thank you.     -Elliot

  Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar             Fundraising page

          All 2017 donations will now be rewarded with "trinkets" -- stickers and buttons.

          But here is an idea for next year.

          This year, we invested tons of $$$ in a second bus, huge new shade, bigger

     generator, and whatnot else, and we are still trying to pay for it all.
          We project lower costs next year.

           Soooo.... We are now accepting donations which will be rewarded with a Top

     Tier Perk Loaner Bicycle...

      NEXT YEAR.

            And the current threshold for being rewarded with a Loaner Bike nest year...

                                                   only $100.

                        That number will definitely go up when 2018 rolls around.

                                        Please mark your donation "For 2018".


            You can use PayPal, and send to…

            Please send as “…to friends and relatives”, since

     this is not a purchase like most PayPal transactions. 

      Or save time by clicking the Donate button!


     Or you can snail-mail a cheque or money order to…

       Elliot Naess

       P.O. Box 2825

       Clearlake CA 95422

      (Why the P.O. Box?  No, I’m not trying to conceal where I live.  We simply

      don’t have mail delivery to the goat trail I live at the end of!  LOL  )


    If you are hoping to score our Top

  Tier Perk of a Loaner Bicycle for the 

  Event -- please take a different

  approach to obtaing Playa wheels.

     Thank you for your support!


                  How to help save the day for hundreds of Burners.