Now that you are sharing in the

      cost of providing a vital Playa service,

      you are an Honorary Member of

      Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar
          Your Camp Duty is to show up and

      perform quality testing of the beverages

      you helped pay for.  We trust you will not

      take this responsibility lightly.

                All donations are wondermussly welcome! 

          Ten bucks?  That's almost two inner-tubes!
     And all Donors receive Perks – tokens of appreciation -- as follows:

           Donations up to $194.99 receive one or more souvenir items such as camp logo

      buttons and decals -- let's try one item per $50.- increment and hope we have enough.

           For starters, we have 100 of the brand new stickers shown above!  And also last

      year's Elliot's Bicycle Service edition sticker as seen on the Home page.

           Donations of $195.- and up receive the schwag, plus the use of a  “Classic Perk

       Bicycle” for the duration of the event!
      This is the Top Tier Perk Loaner Bike that you know from previous years.

           We have single-speed bikes and multi-gear bikes.  We have tall bikes and low bikes.

      (Most folks ride bikes that are too low for them.  Hard on the knees.)  For comfort,

      most have an extra tall handlebar and a cushy seat. 
            The Perk Bikes are all in good condition.  If a mechanical problem still arises, we

      repair or exchange the bike pronto.

              That is all.

      Schwag! Perk!  Our camp's personal version

   of a 2017 design -- created by our own Rick

   & Marcia! 

      But you did NOT see this sticker here, because

   that golden spike radical ritual design is secret

   until August 27. 

      Yes, all our Glorious Donors will receive one.


                  How to help save the day for hundreds of Burners.

     The last two years, Millicent

  The Bus has been severely

  overloaded, and we have

  barely made it to and from

  the Playa without disaster.

      So, this year, we planned

  to cut back severely on the

  number of Perk Loaners. 
      But then….
      Look what lurks yonder,

  behind Millicent!

      Another bus! 

      Albatross by name, recently

  purchased, she makes it

  possible to keep bringing

  quite a few bikes.
     Of course, now we have to

  pay for Albatross also.  Does

  this cycle ever end?  Let’s

  hope not!

  Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar             Fundraising page

     SHORT VERSION, for those already familiar with our system:
    All donations earn assorted schwag.
    A donation of $195 and up earns a Classic Perk Loaner Bike.  


    If we get close to running out of bikes, I will update the website, and also discuss this

     with the donor before accepting a donation.

    Please send donations via PayPal to:


     Or you can snail-mail a cheque or money order to…
        Elliot Naess
        P.O. Box 2825
        Clearlake CA 95422


       Thank you!


            You can use PayPal, and send to…

            Please send as “…to friends and relatives”, since

     this is not a purchase like most PayPal transactions. 

      Or save time by clicking the Donate button!


     Or you can snail-mail a cheque or money order to…

       Elliot Naess

       P.O. Box 2825

       Clearlake CA 95422

      (Why the P.O. Box?  No, I’m not trying to conceal where I live.  We simply

      don’t have mail delivery to the goat trail I live at the end of!  LOL  )

    Schwag can be snail-mailed to the Donor, or the Donor can pick these items up at our

     camp.   Please let us know.
         Perk Loaner Bikes and DeLuxe Perk Loaner Bikes can all be picked up at our camp at the

     beginning of the event and returned to the same place at the end of the event.

There is of course a practical limit to how many Perk Bikes we can bring, so we may eventually have to

      substitute a smaller and lighter top tier Perk.  If we approach that point, we will update this site, and no-one

      will be switched over to a smaller-and-lighter Top TierPerk unless they express cheerful agreement to this. 

             LONG VERSION (recommended):


    We go thru thousands of dollars each Burn for inner-tubes, pedals, other

    bicycle parts; for tools, for ever-larger shade structures, beverages to quench

    a couple thousand parched throats, transportation, the generator… for all the
    Stuff that makes us what we are so proud to be.  (Well, besides being our
    wonderful selves, of course.)

        So we need to raise funds.

        Originally, we employed a crowd-funding service.  We followed the
    usual recipe, with small Perks for small donations, and bigger Perks up the scale.

         Such a crowd-funding service charges a commission, and PayPal – which

    many donors use -- charges a separate commission on top of that. 

       So, now we (hope to) accomplish the same while making good use of every

    penny of your gracious contributions, by accepting donations directly.

       The first arrived months ago, from repeat donors, and we thank you!

   Most of our Classic

   Top Tier Perk Bikes

    have tall handlebar and

    cushy saddle.
    And all our bikes are in

    good mechanical condition.

               Heck, no, it ain't.  Elliot wants a personal word in:

         As the chief tire-patcher of this bunch, I am immensely grateful

     for your donations.  Last year, we repaired 629 bicycles, and that’s

     only those we wrote down during regular shop hours.  And we

     accomplished soooo much in Healing Arts and other good Stuff. 

        My wonderful friends and camp-mates did all that work, and I

     cannot thank them enough.    Hopefully, they will allow me to call

     them my family, for they truly are.

         But YOU made this all possible with your generous donations. 

     In fact, YOU made it possible for our camp-mates to even meet! 

         Please chew on that for a moment.  When we gathered on Playa

     in 2015, as a revamped and vastly enlarged camp, with a mandate

     to rescue bicycling in the 4:30 sector, most of us had never met

     before!  Yet, we all clicked immediately like old pals.

       Yes, Burning Man is full of sculpture and dance, and every art-form

     on Earth.  But it's really all about The People. 

         And YOU, who make this camp possible, walk tall among The

     People -- our People. 

          Thank you, thank you, thank you.     -Elliot