A Burner takes Pear County Chopper  for

   a spin in 2008. 

 photo by Lenny Jones

     Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar

  photo by Duncan Rawlinson

  Healing Arts &  Other Interactivities Page

        Healing Arts and Other Services

      While we are primarily a Bicycle Services camp, plus Piano and Beverages,

   we also bring a few other trouble spots... uh... I mean attractions.

      First and foremost, we have a Healing Arts  branch of the

   camp.  This began with Mary's Foot Wash & Lotion Salon in 2015, and it

   was such a hit that we have added Massage, Reiki, Hypno-Therapy, Tarot

   card readings, and a growing number of such services.


        Body Painting   After talking about it for several years, we are finally

    doing body painting, with emphasis on Friday's preparations for the

    Critical Tits ride.  We have several good painters in camp, but mostly we

    hope that you  will paint each other. 


        Pedal Taxi Service      See photo above.
    Most years, we have one or more multi-person pedal-powered

    contraptions, which are "normally" used in Kinetic Sculpture Racing.

    On the Playa, these serve admirably as taxis, and even to transport goods.
    Passengers must contribute muscle-power, of course! We are not servants.

         Battery charging. Several 110 V outlets to charge electric-assist

    bicycles, power wheelchairs and the like. The generator is a fancy inverter

    type which delivers proper sine-wave A/C for sensitive equipment.

         And more, no doubt.

  Elliot gives a Burner a ride in Henry Ford, 2006.

        Not fine art, but our first

    efforts at body painting last

    year was a hit.   More this year!