Carolyn, from Northern Oregon. 

      Also known as Sweet Goat Mama, because she raises goats -- and

      also bees and other critters. 

      She has burned for many years, and joined us last year as Chief

      Cook.  She also treats visitors to Reiki.  

      At the same time, she is into such modern high-tech as electric

      vehicles.  Quite the Renaissance lady.        

     UnJonharley, from Salem, Oregon.
     Senior Statesman and Contraptioneer.
     Bicycle repair coach.
     Burning since Baker Beach was Baker Primordial Swamp.

        Judy and Kendall from Satellite Beach, Florida.

    Kendall has been a gear-head and cyclist since

    he was 6, so now we have another pro bike tech!

    They burned in '13 with Tamara and Al, and now

    they are following them over to our camp.

     Doug, from Colorado.

     He joined us at the last moment a couple years ago,

     and quickly showed he knew how to screw around

     with bikes. 

     Then, a year ago, he spent some quality time in Vietnam,

     helping "screw broken children back together" -- which

     just might make him our resident Mensch.

     Sean & Sarah, from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

     Invited to join us by Rick & Mars two years ago, and

     proof that good friends make good camp-mates. 

     Bicycle skills?  Yup, Sean's another of our Pros.

     Camp Members Page

     Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar

      Robert & Angela, from Oklahoma.

      Burning since 2015.

      Robert has fixed a bike or two before -- just look at

      the fleet in the background of the picture!

    Kim & Aaron, from Eugene, Oregon.

    Aaron brings extensive mechanical and machine-work

    experience, specializing in restoration of vintage

    equipment.  Third year.

    Al & Tamara, from Colorado.

  Al is a "serious" bicyclist and bicycling


    Long time Burners.

    Also active for many years in Kinetic

  Sculpture Racing, where Elliot met him.

    Jill & J.P., from Illinois.

    J.P. moonlights in sporting goods, where he learned bicycle repair -- and he

    buys us bicycle parts at wholesale!

    Jill volunteers at a wildlife shelter, and those skills may also be needed in

    our camp -- ha ha.

    They used to burn by themselves, but are now with us.  The thing is,  J.P. is

    a major Blues music fan, and we want his record collection to play in camp.

    Mary, from Spokane, Washington.

    Instigator and host of our legendary Taco Tuesday meal.

    Proprietor of our Foot Washing Salon.
    Burning since 2011.

    Elliot, from Clearlake, Northern California.

    Lead Bicycle Whisperer.

    Camp contact for offishul bizniss.

    Also volunteers with Gate, Perimeter & Exodus ,

    guarding the borders of Black Rock City.

            Camp Members    

                                     In utterly random order

       Peter, from Davis, California. 

    Know as Mr. Wizard, and as the creator

    of countless -- 100-plus -- Whymcycles.

    Burning on and off since 2006.

    Partner-in-projects with Elliot on many

    Kinetic Sculpture Racing campaigns,

    and in Millicent -- the Camp Command

    Center bus.

    Married to Jerri, and they take turns

    burning so one can mind the kids.

       Jerri, from Davis, California.
    Kinetic Sculpture Racing has

    not been the same since Jerri

    discovered the sport and

    showed us what enthusiasm

    and determination really

    looks like!

    Married to Peter.
    They have two children, and

    these days they take turns

    staying home and doing

    Burning Man. 

    Jerri is up in 2017.

     Gary, from Seattle, Washington.

     12 years a Burner!  And he repairs bicycles,

     gives massage, paints people, cooks....

     How we snagged him... I'll never understand.

      Sierra, from Northern California.
      She is immensely valuable at our Front Desk.

      Third Burn this year.  And when we asked if

      she wants to go again, she said YES, DEFINITELY!

    Tom & Tracy, from Northern California. 
     I cannot count how long they have been feeding

     hungry Burners their famous chili. 
     In fact, Tom goes by Chiliman, and Tracy goes

     by Pepper.  They picked up those names in 2005,

     which was not at all their first Burn. We are soooo

     lucky Al & Tamara invited them to join us.

     Riki & Tom, from Medford, Oregon.

     Long time Kinetic Sculpture Racers, they are

     bringing Banana Flambe as their mode of transport

     to the Burn.

     Tom fixes bicycles, and Riki gives massage, and

     paints people -- and she is also... a musician...?

      Arne, from Oslo, Norway.

      A full time technician on high-end bicycles for the last nine

      years, Arne "just may be skilled enough for us".  ;-)

      He is far from the first Norwegian at Burning Man, and this

      is his second year in The Dust.

     Monthy & Caro, from Belgium!
     Amazingly, we have four new campers from Belgium this year.  First, we scored Monthy & Caro.

     And then...

     Jim, from Southern California -- now Portland, Oregon.

     Not only is he a bicycle pro, but he is a wheelwright --

     an expert at lacing spokes!

     And he is a long time Burner.

     Tony & JoAnn, from Chico, California.

    More people from Kinetic Sculpture Racing!

    They showed up as spectators at the Grand Championship

    KSR many years ago, and wound up -- before the first day

    was over -- volunteering themselves as crew members on

    Elliot's machine.  (Mostly pushing it!)  In further races, Tony

    showed himself to be a crack fabricator and welder when

    Elliot's racing kontraption broke down again.   And wonderful

    friends ever since.

    Have burned several times before.  And get this:   They are the

    inventors and fabricators of our main shop shade trusses --

    1,250 square feet of shade -- clear span!

      Kelly & Ed, from Reno, Nevada.

      Ed has burned for several years, and Kelly

      joined us in 2016.  Ed is a Bicycle Guy, and Kelly is

      one serious humdinger of a painter -- ask her to

      paint YOU!

     ...and then... we landed Manu & Hildegard!

    And of course, it did not take us long to connect the

    two couples for collaboration.  Somehow... these latter

    ones cannot seem to produce a level photo of

    themselves.    Ah... yes... of course... artists.