photo by Kerry Montgomery

  Finally, this is what we looked like in 2007, as Kinetic Sculpture

  Race Camp. This was our first official Theme Camp, and the

  first time we were overwhelmed with bicycle repair. So now we

  give bicycle repair top billing and everything else is frosting.

      Well, the decision has been made for me.

   The organizers are now actively "spreading the

   gospel". And considering how much I have

   learned from participating in this event, that

   is probably a good thing.

      Thus this website, and here are some extra

   photos from previous Burns. Not many for

   starters, but all are either taken by  our camp

   members or of  them.

      And if you take pictures of us, we would love

   to have them.

      I'm of divided mind about photography at Burning Man.

      One voice tells me it is an event that must be lived, and

   cannot be conveyed by photos. And the absence of photos

   would help keep the riffraff out -- not kidding, because

   Burning Man is not suitable for everyone.

      The other voice tells me to share this wondrous thing with

   those who would benefit from it. But how to find them?

        Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar                              Photo page

  With another satisfied customer, 2013

photo by Al Brody

     Camp member Al on one of his

   self-constructed pedal-powered

   contraptions.      Photo by Trey Ratcliff

   We have several bicycle mechanics living in camp,

   but we also have "Guest Mechanics" who drop in

   to help out.

   This is Tiahaar, on one of his pedal-powered beasts.

   Millicent The Bus in background right. 2014

  2007 Temple Burn, photo by Kerry Montgomery

  One of Elliot's pedal cars, here cruising for the

  next fare as part of Kinetic Cab Company in 2010.

 photo by Kerry Montgomery

  Opening overture of Man Burn, 2007