2015 -- We brought the piano,

    and guess what happened!

    Additional instruments kept

    showing up and joining in.  At

    one point, we had a trio going.

           A piano!

          We always have a piano in the Lobby of the bike shop.

      And yes, we want you to play it!

          This began with two pianos in 2010, one roaming the

     Playa on a cart behind a pedal-powered vehicle, and the

     other fixed in a neighboring camp.

          And in 2014 we provided the white Baby Grand located in

     the Black Hole -- the Gate, Perimeter & Exodus staff bar. 

     Much thanks to Perimeter Lead Odin for all his work with that

     Baby Grand!

         So, from 2015 on, a piano is a standard fixture in our Lobby,

     which also serves as an informal bar.  (Having people sitting

     around being thirsty when they should be singing would be

     so... unseemly.)



       Visitors to our camp are offered wine, beer, lemonade,
   water, and ice tea. The wine and the beer, of course, are only
   offered to adults of age 21 and over, who may legally drink
   alcohol in the State of Nevada, and we do check ID on anyone
   who does not look "elderly".

      "Piano Bar"...

  ...is a little bit of a joke, but we do serve liquid refreshments,

     and we do have a piano.

      In 2017, we brought two pianos.  One in camp, of course, and then...  this 1923 Baldwin

   model K -- a full size Grand Piano.  The Baldwin was installed in Heardt -- an interactive

   sculpture by five young artists from Czech Republic, who also camped with us. 

       Here Glenn, our piano tuner, serenades the sunrise.   Life is good.

        This is one of the two pianos we brought

     in 2010. At one point it tipped over and all 88

     keys fell out.  Seems I had left a couple screws

     loose -- quite literally.  Well, we just put all 88

     keys back in. If you can fix a bicycle, you can

     fix a piano!

     This young gent, by the way, could play hecka

     better than the piano was good for! But he

     didn't seem to mind at all. It's Burning Man!


  Piano Bar Page

     Elliot's Naked Bicycle Service & Piano Bar

photo by Duane Flatmo


       As for those beverages,

   last year we served over

   800 cans of beer. And that's

   only beer -- we brought

   lemonade, ice tea and wine


       Plus all the goodies our

   bicycle customers and

   others contributed to

    the supply!